unniemeta_mod (unniemeta_mod) wrote in unniemeta,

Monday's FFA

Be nice
No bashing/fighting
Discussion/Debate is encouraged
being unanon is also encouraged :D
Tags: *discussion, *ffa
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what are you favorite pic/gifs of the girls you love?
right? i am in love *__*


May 9 2011, 09:06:45 UTC 6 years ago

so what can we do to get this moving? :D
sooyoung, although she is my bias. it's strange to me how she's hypervisible and yet invisible at the same time. she's a very loud person, bordering on obnoxious, and she's not afraid to say what she thinks, but she somehow always gets passed over, at least in ifandom. (i know people always say hyoyeon has it the worst, but ime she just gets screwed over by her company while fans trip over themselves to talk about how hard she has it. sooyoung gets regularly shafted by sme and is then ignored by the fans, too.) she acts very confident but she's also very insecure, which i think comes from the fact that she debuted at age 12. she's been dealing with the pressure of ~superstardom since she was very young, which would mess with anyone's head; and even though she has the most experience, she's not nearly the most popular. it doesn't visibly bother her, but i feel like she can't quite figure out why she doesn't have a bigger fanbase when she's got the whole recipe for success.